Welcome to our new Vennart store!

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Welcome to our new store for the second Vennart album "To Cure A Blizzard Upon A Plastic Sea"!

I started writing ’To Cure A Blizzard Upon A Plastic Sea’ immediately after the release of ‘The Demon Joke’ in 2015. I was on a roll, and had convinced myself the record was gonna tumble out of me really fast. Well, it took a little longer that I expected… 

I think this is a way more varied and involved record than the last one, and I think it’ll stay in your life much longer. The songs are more resonant, more colourful and more widescreen. I’ve always tried to be honest in my writing, whilst not hitting you over the head with the meaning. Like all my other work, this one counts. I hope you like it.

An important part of the process of writing this record was integrating more repetitive, hypnotic passages within the songs. Instrumental music was a large part of many of the records I’ve been a part of but didn’t really happen on ‘The Demon Joke’. I wanted to explore that side of things alone. So the ‘Copeland EP’ is an exploration of those instrumental textures and moods to complement the passages on the main album. The ’Copeland EP’ also features the lead track 'Terrors’, which, in 20 years of writing lyrics, is the only song which has actually had ME in tears. It’s very special to me. The 5 songs on the ‘Copeland EP’ are all non-album tracks.

This store and the thinking behind it is set up in a similar fashion to the Pledge model: when you buy anything from it you are supporting the artist and the work. Only this time, you’re dealing directly with my wife, Beth, and I. We’re running the show and we’ll help you with any and all the questions you have. Don’t be afraid to hit us up.

All love,

MV x